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Star Model

started in August 1999 as modeling agency in Medellin, located in the Olaya Herrera airport. At the beginning, STAR MODEL had only 6 professional models, all women, who wanted to participate in events and parades, adding more motivation by Enrique Montoya and Hernán Cuartas, the directors of such agency, to move forward. It started with parades promoting underwear 'Besame' and other brands already recognized in the city. Following the good reception that had STAR MODEL, they were coming more models who wanted to be part of the agency, and in turn, contracts with companies that wanted to show their products through our models. In January 2000, this company is diluted to become sole director Enrique Montoya, who insisted on increasing day by day the agency, achieving a total of 25 professional models, 20 women and 5 men. With this growth in personnel, contracts with many more companies seeking new people in presenting your image they are also acrecentaron, performing parades, catalogs, advertising photographs, etc. In November 2000, for personal references and good comments from the agency, two girls who wanted to learn to model, and thus the idea of ​​founding the modeling academy, where one of the best models of the agency, volunteered were presented to provide advice regarding modeling and glamor to these two girls. As it was a great experience for them and in turn for STAR MODEL, you begin to advertise through flyers and telemarqueting, making up a group of 16 girls who were provided with training in all facets of modeling. Currently, STAR MODEL has a number of 35 professional models, and 120 students, along with a complete infrastructure for the creation, implementation and development of advertising events and logistics stages, lights and sound. Today the Agency and Academy of modeling is located in the center of Medellin, Calle 56, Number 41-58, Barrio Boston, Mon and Velarde Bolivia, this being a very accessible for many of our models and students sector, and be highly university.


When certain company requested our services, defined need, either parades, photographs, videos, catalogs, etc .; the agency internally, makes a shortlist of models or students who take these characteristics then audition in front of the board of that company. When selected models needed, the contract that determines the function of the model and type of work performed, going immediately to define the total value of the investment is made. The agency is responsible for paying the internal model; all work done will be part of the personal portfolio of it. We are a family that meets frequently to plan programs and events that aim to integrate more like agency, providing constant support, both moral and physical, seeking the participation of each of the members of the agency and not let go without a tour professional; this being a great feature and difference from many existing agencies today.


Calle 56 # 41-58
Medellin - Antioquia, Colombia
Tel.: (+57) 034-2544210
Cel.: 3146126824